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How Does Chiropractic Work?

Admittedly, this title is deceiving. Explaining how chiropractic works would escape the confines of a blog post. Every chiropractor utilizes a unique approach when treating patients, creating diversity among practitioners. Moreover, chiropractic employs numerous techniques requiring individual explanations, and I need to save topics for future posts! In turn, this post aims to explain how our chiropractic works. Let’s dive in.

As mentioned before, there is a wide degree of variation across the chiropractic profession. With nineteen different chiropractic schools in operation across the United States, each reinforcing their own perspective on chiropractic medicine, the variation is expected. We attended New York Chiropractic College, and our philosophy reflects their multidisciplinary, evidence-based curriculum. Our approach incorporates multiple philosophies, maximizing the benefits delivered to the patient. However, these philosophies are not restricted to the traditional, fundamental bounds of chiropractic.

We are neuromusculoskeletal specialists. In turn, we employ every tool available to combat dysfunction within the neurological, muscular, and skeletal system. The chiropractic adjustment (and its array of benefits that well discuss soon!) remains at the core of our treatment philosophy. However, our approach recruits so much more. We draw from past and present scientific literature to identify the most effective therapies available for our patients. Whether through novel ultrasound protocols or ancient Chinese cupping therapy, we do the investigatory research required to ensure you have access to what you need. We utilize tried and tested physical therapy protocols to ensure your muscles and joints are rehabilitated appropriately (and we do test them ourselves!). However, we believe the modern lifestyle requires more than manual interventions. Our team possesses masters in clinical nutrition, to ensure the diet is complementing the healing process. Moreover, we are trained to identify lifestyle behaviors and movement patterns that result in recurrent symptoms, ensuring you spend more time enjoying your day than in the office (although you will enjoy your time in the office as well!).

Our philosophy is simple. We always want to be better, so you can get better. We are chiropractors, but we are not restricted by the traditional confines of chiropractic. We embrace modern chiropractic medicine, and strive to continue to expand its depth. Our philosophy is multifaceted and dynamic, but our focus remains the same. We are here to get you better, faster, with any and all tools and techniques available.

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